So, let me get this right, your aware that the foods you consume are detrimental to your health, but yet you continue to consume them foods?.

It’s as if your self-harming or committing prolonged suicide, you don’t want to kill yourself on the spot, you want to kill yourself slowly but surely over a period of time.

Suicide is bad full stop OBVIOUSLY, but prolonged suicide is probably worse than on the spot suicide, and it’s kind of sadistic. Its sadistic because your consuming toxic foods that gives you pleasure, but will later cause you pain, then will kill you and your aware of this.

Not only are you killing yourself slowly through what you eat, you’re going to feed your kids the same toxic poisonous foods you consume, kids don’t have a choice in what they eat, they get what their given.

It would seem to me disease is not inherited but rather bad habits are inherited.

Every now and then parents will add vegetables to their kids dinner/meal and say to them “kids eat your vegetables there good for you”, but parents won’t say that about the other foods on their plate. So that implies the parents are aware that the other foods on their plate are not healthy!.

The implications of that are seriously messed up!.

This is no exaggeration, sometimes i get slightly teary eyed thinking about this, and get quite angry, i have to watch the people i love get diseases and or watch there quality of health dramatically decline before my very eyes because of the foods they put into there body.

And whenever i try to tell them how bad the foods they consume are and what it will lead to, they shrug it off like “Ooh well who cares!”. I cant force an adult to start eating healthy, so i just have to watch them slowly deteriorate and kill themselves.

We need to start taking health deadly serious (no pun intended) and stop being so ignorant to the things we consume that negatively impedes on our health. Wake up and snap out of this madness! stop killing yourself and stop killing your kids!.